As our national flower and part of our national heritage, the Protea is adored by all South Africans wherever they live. Protea Groves can proudly claim to be one of this handful of early pioneers still engaged today in the commercial growing of protea and fynbos cut flowers.

how it all began

SINCE 1996

Protea Groves was established on a 21-hectare portion of land near the little town of Rayton by Gerrit Grové, his wife Marie and a single worker, Sunnyboy Mhlangu. In 1996 Marie, innovative as ever, envisioning groves of lush protea bush, suggested “Protea Groves” as our brand name. Rika, Gerrit’s daughter, devised an equally novel floral-themed logo which she displayed on a plaque next to the front door of the cottage. And so “Protea Groves” was born.

the first bloom


Our first flowers were harvested and marketed in 2001. Since then, Protea Groves became a consistent supplier of good quality proteas and fynbos cut flowers, first to the Pretoria Flower Market and then to Multiflora, the City Deep Flower Market in Johannesburg. Although a modest producer in comparison to some of the other Gauteng protea and fynbos growers, Protea Groves is still active up to this day in the supply of flowers to the City Deep Flower Market. Marie’s vision of blooming groves of protea bush had finally arrived! The fantasy has become a reality.

a new hello


Any person engaged in protea growing will agree that cultivating and working with these flowers tend to be both blissful and emotionally rewarding.

In 2019, ownership moved over to five partners – three young professional engineers, a marketing expert and an experienced partner. Protea Groves brings our partners happiness knowing that the masses of flowers that we produce on this little farm have brought endless joy into the homes and lives of countless clients and recipients over many years.